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Cheap gaming computers are not an industry standard, but they should be. For far to long the computer industry has drilled the thoughts in our heads that we need spend thousands of dollars to play video games on a computer. Its simply not true and whether you call it a cheap gaming computer or an affordable gaming computer Primal PCís goal is to prove to the masses that thousands of dollars do not have to be spent on gaming computer enjoy playing yesterdays and todayís most popular games.

As is before the factory upgrades Primal offers are still in three stages, except the upgrades have changed per model. All upgrades focus now on graphics performance, and memory upgrades while some models offer additional hard drive storage. Please read the descriptions of each model and the packages carefully to make sure you are getting what you want or need. And as always if you have any questions on the upgrade packages please call us at 630-492-0354.

If you click on the flag to the left you can read the brief description explaining how Primal PC assembles all PC's with in the states and plans never to move and assembly over seas. To the right if you click the warranty badge you can read up on our warranty and the rules that apply.

All though Primal PC is small company we still have a combined 25 years experience building computers, and after watching the computer industry since the year 2000. We at Primal PC finely got tired of the computer industry and the way custom computers are offered to be built online. We have serviced countless computers from local clients that were purchased at some of the most popular custom building computer sites, and were disappointed with the quality each time. One major flaw these companies made in the past and still make today are mismatching a CPU and motherboard, sure itís far cheaper when the computer is first built and delivered, but it makes them expensive to repair down the road. Are goal at Primal PC is simple, to provide the best built and most affordable gaming computers available to the market. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on gaming computer, when a computer purchased for $600.00 dollars or less would do the job just fine. If you donít believe us, give one our fine affordable gaming computers a try for your self. Call us today.